2 February 2021

Custom-made multi-unit abutment for outdated IMZ implant

A dental technician calls and asks if we can identify the implants in the patient’s mouth based on an OPG.

custom made multi-abutment

Case overview in short

  • Height determination of abutments: Klant
  • Database: Intellident
  • Software: industrial software
  • Production of abutments: Vamac

A dental technician calls and asks if we can identify the implants in the patient’s mouth based on an OPG. And if we can help him with a lower abutment because the patient’s jaw is severely absorbed. An assignment where our decades of experience and accumulated knowledge made all the difference.

Starting point: IMZ implants with IntraMobile Element (IME)

As a dental professional, you have probably met patients with an outdated implant system on several occasions. Often with one or more components that haven’t been available on the market for some time.

This was also the case for the dental technician who had to work with an IMZ implant to fabricate a new bar-retained denture. Due to the severe ridge resorption, the outdated IME abutments had to be replaced by a lower alternative.

From identification to custom production

Thanks to our daily growing database of dental components and the trained eyes of our denticians, we were able to immediately identify the IMZ implants with intramobile element. This was the starting point for the rest of the workflow:

  1. We advised the dental professional to replace the IME abutments by multi-unit abutments, the prevailing industry standard.
  2. Based on the parameters of the old abutment, our denticians started to design the multi-unit abutment.
  3. After approval, the production of the abutments was outsourced and we sent the final result to the customer.
  4. After placing the abutments, the customer was able to continue working on a common platform and fabricate a new bar.

Our added value for the customer?

Identifying the smallest dental component based only on an X-ray? Our almost 20-year-old – daily updated – database and our denticians’ expertise allow us to provide solutions for the most specific cases. Even if it involves components that no longer exist today.

Precisely because we can design and produce any custom-made component, we significantly reduce investments costs for your patient. What’s more, we match each design exactly to the instruments you use, thus also simplifying treatment itself.

For example, do you prefer to work with a ball attachment, but the current implant system doesn’t allow this? We adapt the connections to the existing implant according to your and your patient’s wishes.

Intellident = 100% guarantee

Looking for another reason to work with us? Here’s one: our denticians fully guarantee every finished product. As a customer, you’re always sure of a premium solution. Moreover, you can follow the status of your case in detail via MyIntellident, our digital customer platform.

Do you have any questions or would you like to make an appointment? Contact us via our webchat or mail us via the contact form.

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