12 January 2021

Dentician in the spotlight: CAD/CAM designer Mario

When we design a fixed structure for you, there’s a good chance that it will pass through his gifted hands.

A block of granite, but at the same time a polished diamond. There’s no better way to describe our CAD/CAM designer Mario. When we design a fixed structure for you, there’s a good chance that it will pass through his gifted hands. Let’s introduce this top professional to you!

“I didn’t hesitate for a moment”

Mario took his first steps in the dental world at the age of 17. Immediately after leaving school, he followed a two-year training at a dental laboratory which would become his employer for 17 years.

“That time can’t be compared with the way things are today. There were no digital workflows for a long time. Only in recent years I’ve become acquainted with the whole CAD/CAM process.”

“But I immediately felt that I had a talent for digital design. So when Intellident was looking for someone to join their team, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I already knew them well and they were ready for the digital future.”

“Learning to develop my own vision”

At Intellident, Mario is the design specialist for fixed metal structures for bridgework. “My experience as a traditional dental technician certainly comes in handy here. I used to work with my hands every day, so I always know exactly what to do. I’ve learned to develop my own vision which gives me a lot of extra insights.”

“That’s an absolute must in a company like Intellident. The structures are often quite complex so experience is essential to work out solutions faster and better. To the full satisfaction of both customer and patient.”

“Growing with the team”

Meanwhile, Mario has been working for us for five years now. Maybe you’ve already talked to him on the phone. “Customers usually reach us through the central contact point where most major questions or problems can be solved. Is anything still unclear to the customer? Then I will add the final touch in consultation with the customer.”

“The main priority, however, is that the customer can reach us quickly and efficiently, and closely follow up his case. We also need to remain open to any solution and think along with our customer and his patient. Because that is our greatest strength.”

Want to put our designers to work?

Do you have a case that is ideally suited to our denticians? Our up-to-date database with more than 20 years of dental components enables us to provide a solution that is tailored to your patient’s needs as regards aesthetics, comfort and budget, while guaranteeing you accessible high-quality treatment.

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