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Exocad allows us to have a completely open drawing and production system in house to generate the most versatile and complex designs.

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Why Exocad?

Customised to every Professional

Exocad is very user-friendly. Both beginners and experienced users are quickly able to benefit maximally from the software’s modalities.

Versatility at all Levels

Design is only one side of the exocad story. Implant planning, orthodontics, production, scanning, communication: delivering custom work like never before.


Gain time and efficiency thanks to the powerful and swift performances of this software, even in the most complex cases.

Excellent Track Record

Exocad is a top performer in the dental industry, which is no coincidence. With this software, you bring additional reliability, stability and quality into your workflow.

Purchase software or training?

Would you like to know more about exocad? At Intellident we offer both the software and specialized training. Contact us for more information.